What We're Passionate About

What We're Passionate About

Harmonious living and holistic wellness are important to us.

We believe in creating self-care rituals that help individuals thrive within an oasis of calm. That's because an effective beauty practice should also alleviate the chaos and stresses of everyday life.

This philosophy is amplified by our core brand values that we live and work by: 



Mindful  As a brand dedicated to clean, conscious, cruelty-free and harmonious living, we lead from the front and act as the change we wish to see. 

We behave with integrity and hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards across all aspects of our brand’s supply and value chains, paying attention to the details from ingredient selection to the environmental impact of processes. 

Customer Focused – We thrive on building meaningful, respectful and lasting relationships, and treat people the way we want to be treated. Our customers trust us to have their best interests at heart. 

Innovative Culture – We’re passionate about addressing issues that affect the health and wellness of our community. By identifying the root cause of their problems, we're able to take an integrative, results-oriented, and process-driven approach to creating lasting solutions.

Giving Back – We love learning and sharing our knowledge with our community. Ultimately, what brings us joy is using our passion, knowledge and resources to enrich the lives of our community and make the world a better place.

Passion: Do it for love, passion and purpose.

In our pursuit of excellence, we're always aligning our business with the issues that excite and motivate us.

Issues We’re Passionate About:

Problem: By 2050, there could be more plastic than fish in the sea (by weight)

Solution: We use eco-conscious packaging, opting for tubes made of 100% paper that are recyclable and biodegradable in nature.

We're dedicated to sustainable business practices because we love, respect and appreciate the environment. #Treehugger alert. 

Jokes aside, let's face it, folks – we only have one planet Earth.

I strongly believe that if each and every one of us try our best to become aware of the impact our actions have on our environment, we can make substantial strides towards protecting and preserving our natural resources. 

That's why we are always striving to do better by incorporating sustainable practices, whilst making the best choices with the resources (information, time and money) we have available. 

As a small brand that's conscious of our environmental impact and willing to do our part in sustainable business practices, here’s a few key initiatives we’ve undertaken:

  1. Preventing wastage due to over production through our manufacturing process.
  2. In designing our product packaging, it was critical to minimize the use of plastics, opting for glass dropper bottles. 

We source external packaging that is made with 100% recyclable and reusable paper material (a win-win for everyone). Our packaging manufacturers are also committed and aligned with our brand ethos of sustainability, having partnered with One Tree Planted where a portion of their proceeds goes towards global reforestation. $1 = 1 tree 🌲

Source: WWF