Our story

We believe that healthy hair starts when there is harmony within the mind & body.

Founder Amanda Roopnarine started creating energy infused beauty products to help restore her mother's hair after it started falling out due to psoriasis brought on by a sudden family tragedy. 

Frustrated by the lack of safe and effective skin and scalp treatments, Amanda decided to combine her background in chemical engineering and passion for energy healing to create a scalp oil that actually works.

AlchemyTT, was conceived in 2017 to not only remedy hair loss, but also educate people on bridging the mind-body gap through the medium of hair. Our products work best in connection with a mindfulness practice to alleviate the tension and stress that prevent the body from healing.

If you have any questions, please reach out to support@alchemytt.com.

Our Core Values

Harmonious living and holistic wellness are important to us.

We believe in creating self-care rituals that help individuals thrive within an oasis of calm. That's because an effective beauty practice should also alleviate the chaos and stresses of everyday life.

This philosophy is amplified by our core brand values that we live and work by.