How long does a bottle of Nourish last? With twice per week usage, one 30ml | 1oz bottle of oil typically lasts our clients 6-8 weeks.
How do I use the Nourish oil? Because our users have a variety of hair types, we’ve designed this oil to be added into your typical hair care routine.

The product should be applied directly to your dirty scalp at least an hour before showering and then shampooed out.

For clients who don’t typically shampoo weekly, you have the flexibility of leaving the oil on overnight then thoroughly washing out with shampoo.

To minimize product wastage and maximize product distribution, we recommend that:
  • Section out dry, dirty hair
  • Use the dropper to squeeze 2-3 drops of the oil along your scalp, focusing on the key areas you’re concerned with.
  • Gently massage into your scalp using circular motions and leave in either an hour or overnight.
  • Thoroughly wash out with shampoo.
  • Take pictures weekly to track your progress!
Before first use, we always recommend patching testing behind the ear for 24 hours to observe any reactions.

For best results, use consistently at least once per week.

Click here for detailed instructions.
Does Nourish help with falling, dropping hair and thinning edges?

Our clients have reported positive results after using Nourish. We recommend that you check out the Customer Reviews for more insights about our customers’ experiences.

Does Nourish work for men with bald spots? Nourish is a unisex product. We have received positive feedback from men who have successfully used Nourish to help with male pattern hair loss. As with any product, results may vary from one client to another.
Does Nourish work with postpartum, PCOS hair loss? Many of our customers have reported seeing a positive impact on hair loss arising from childbirth and hormonal imbalances. As results may vary from one client to another, we recommend that you check out the Customer Reviews for more insights about our customers’ experiences.
Does Nourish to prevent greying? The process by which hair starts losing its pigment is referred to as greying. One of our key ingredients is Indian gooseberry or amla oil. Much research has been done on this fruit which suggests that the high vitamin C content of this oil, aids in slowing down and even reversing premature greying.
Can Nourish be used on lashes/brows? We DO NOT recommend using Nourish on your lashes and brows as our product is not designed for use on these sensitive areas.
Is it safe to use Nourish with color treated and or relaxed hair? Nourish is applied directly to your scalp and has not been shown to have any effect on color treated and or relaxed hair. However, if you are concerned, we recommend speaking to your stylist before purchasing.
Can I use Nourish on children, if I am pregnant or breastfeeding? Nourish is an all-natural product that contains less than 2% essential oils. As such, we do not recommend using it on children under the age of 12 or if you’re pregnant and breastfeeding. You can speak to your medical practitioner before purchasing.
Are your products tested on animals? We are firmly against animal testing of any kind and are proud to be cruelty-free.
Are your products appropriate for vegans? Yes. Nourish is vegan friendly.
Where is your product manufactured? AlchemyTT is manufactured by our parent company Reengineer My Life Limited whose headquarters is located in Trinidad and Tobago. However, our products are manufactured in the USA.

Ordering & Shipping

Where is my order? Once you’ve placed your order, you will receive an email confirmation.

When your order has been dispatched, a subsequent email will be sent to you with tracking details.

Free standard shipping within the US typically takes 7-14 calendar days and outside the US can take 14-21 calendar days (not considering any delays due to customs).

All packages are posted using a tracked delivery service.
Can I change or cancel my order? You have 1 hour after completing your purchase to request a cancellation. Once the order is marked as dispatched, no amendments can be made.

However, if you have any issues, please get in touch via support@alchemytt.com


What forms of payment do you accept? We currently accept PayPal.

If you require further assistance, contact us via email: support@alchemytt.com